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Arrowz Inventories offer a range of property inventory services for owners, landlords and tenants.

Property Inventories are supported by Schedule of Condition Reports which enable you to track the condition of your property and furnishings.

Check In and Check Out Inventorys provide all parties with accurate, unbiased information and Mid Tenancy checks offer you in-progress reporting.

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Arrowz Inventories and Schedule of Condition Reports are a very comprehensive report of all fixtures, fittings and furnishings including the condition of everything listed. In addition, we provide a disc of numerous photographs taken at preparation of the inventory in order to support the Schedule of Condition Report.

Check In's

Check In Inventories are an essential service. We meet your tenant at the property at the agreed move in time. We will then walk around the property with your tenant ensuring they agree with the prepared Inventory and Condition of Schedule. Any amendments to the prepared inventory are supported with a signature from our representative.

Check Out's

Check Out Inventories take place as soon as you notify us that your tenant has moved out. Arrowz Inventories visit the property and using the Inventory and Schedule of Condition Report, we provide you with a new report which will include any differences in the property and condition of all fixtures, fittings and furnishings from start of tenancy to end of tenancy.

Mid Tenancy Checks

Arrowz Inventories offer a Mid tenancy check service. We visit the property mid way through tenancy and with the Inventory and Schedule of Condition Report used at start of tenancy, we will provide you with a report as to how the property is being maintained and kept. Arrowz Inventories prode this essential service to enable remote landlords to stay in close control of their property.